Film Ready

The City of Toccoa wants you to consider our film locations for your next project. From an award winning and restored downtown to mountains, lakes, and rivers, Toccoa has a wide variety of film locations for you to consider. We hope this website will give you a better understanding of what Toccoa has to offer. Let us know about your project and what our staff can do to assist you in picking your next film location.

With its natural beauty and convenient location, the City of Toccoa offers a wide variety of film locations and welcomes the opportunity to work with you on your next film project. Our award winning revitalized downtown, spectacular waterfalls, nationally recognized hiking trails, and friendly people makes Toccoa an ideal place to film your next movie. Toccoans have worked with HBO for the award winning Band of Brother’s miniseries and with executive producer Jeffrey Stepakoff of Dawson’s Creek and The Wonder Years. Today, the US Army trains soldiers to be “Toccoa Tough,” and the call “Currahee” (named after a mountain in Toccoa) is still used by the US Airborne. Come for yourself and see why Toccoa is the training ground for heroes and the backdrop for romance.

Toccoa is a film friendly city in a state that recognizes the positive impact the film industry has on the economy. Georgia offers a 20 to 30% tax break to filmmakers as an incentive, offering filmmakers the opportunity to keep costs low. Talk to us about filming your next project in Toccoa.