Historic Downtown Toccoa is the perfect place to locate your business. This National Historic District is filled with many quiant and wonderful shops, services, and eateries, as well as local government facilities and the Department of Driver Services. Downtown Toccoa is the centerpiece for Main Street Toccoa events, which brought over 85,000 people downtown in 2018. Make sure to click on the property names to find out more information about each property. We can't wait for you to open your business in Downtown Toccoa.

26 Doyle Street 444 West Doyle Street 27 West Doyle Street 69 Doyle Street
79 East Doyle Street 44 Rice-Lewis-Gillard Way 46 Rice-Lewis-Gillard Way 65 East Tugalo Street
109 North Sage Street 80 East Doyle Street 66 Doyle Street 37 East Currahee Street