Historic Plaque Program

The historic preservation of Toccoa is overseen by the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC).  For more information on the HPC, please visit http://www.cityoftoccoa.com/historic-preservation-commission.cfm.

To honor the historic buildings in Downtown Toccoa, Main Street Toccoa has placed Historic Plaques on the historically significant buildings in downtown.  There are currently over 50 buildings in downtown with plaques on them.  Main Street Toccoa has also created an historic plaque walking guide that will allow you to take a self-guided tour of the historic plaques in the city.

To start the tour, please park at the Currahee Military Museum, located at 160 North Alexander Street.   You will circle through downtown and end at the Schaefer Center, located across the street from the Currahee Military Museum.  The route is about a mile and a half.  The ground is fairly flat with only a few small hills.  The entire route is paved.

Click on the links below to download pictures and information of the buildings you will visit.

Click here to download the Walking Guide. This walking guide is also available in print format at the Main Street office free of charge.

1. Historic Train Depot
2. The Famous Flames (Inside Train Depot)
3. Rothell Building 
4. Georgia Power 
5. Toccoa Record
6. Burton Building
7. Star Theater
8. H.O. Troup's Camera Shop
9. Citizens Bank 
10. Harper's 5 and 10 Cent Store
11. Harper's 5 and 10 Cent Toy Store Extension
12. Sherwin-Williams
13. Allgood Auto Supply 
14. Carter Wholesale
15. Greyhound Bus Station
16. Army Surplus Store
17. Smith's Drugs
18. Hayes Department Store 
19. Bank of Toccoa 
20. Andrews-Hamby Men's Store
21. Green's Bargain Annex
22. Nickel Back Shoe Store 
23. Blumenthal's Department Store
24. Grooh's Department Store 
25. McCurry's Men's Shop
26. Martha Park Dress Shop
27. The Rebel
28. Red Apple Grocery/Sears 
29. Barron & Lawrence 5 & 10 Cent Store
30. Tabor Motor Company
31. Elrod's Jewelry
32. Smith Furniture
33. Troup's Studio
34. McBath Home
35. Johnson & Fields
36. Harper Home
37. Hudgins Furniture
38. Addy Building
39. Standard Oil Service Station
40. Toccoa Bakery
41. Deluxe Tire
42. Acree Mitchell Grocery Store
43. Parker Newman Drugstore & Soda Shop
44. Pool Room 
45. Clipper Barber Shop
46. McNeely & Company 
47. Belk-Gallant Building
48. Stephens County Historic Courthouse
49. Simmons-Bond Inn
50. City Hall
51. Historic Ritz Theatre
52. Camp Toccoa Building (Outside Downtown Limits)

Please note that the current businesses listed for each of the historic plaque handouts may not be accurate. Like the history depicted in these links, these handouts also serve as a "snapshot of Toccoa's history."